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Sex can feel complicated, filled with shame, and it's easy to feel powerless. 

I teach you how to harness & direct erotic &
creative energy for your confidence, healing,

and to experience the joyful pleasure in life
that you deserve. 
For Who?
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❤️‍🔥 Kiss goodbye to trauma or thrive in intimacy, love & relationships

👯‍♀️ Deeply self-love & feel empowered confidence in your body

🤵‍♂️ Become a masterful lover or unlock different ways to orgasm
👩‍🎤 Make creativity stronger than fear & live in your full expression
🧘‍♀️ Learn the true art of ancient yogic practice, ohming & breathwork

🌹 Deepen your love, intimacy and communication with your partner

Pleasure Hacking Profile

Hello, I'm Fabiola 🌺

I’m an intimacy, love and creativity coach that offers you a healthy and empowered relationship to your pleasure, blending ancient yogic, somatic practice with science backed psychology for your lasting transformation. Bluntly speaking, I'm in devotion to you lying on your deathbed with a smile on your face. I do so by partnering with you to feel that all your emotions are not only welcome, but your greatest asset and power. 

What makes working with me different is that you get to infuse and drive the work with pleasure and play, so you can get deeper into your truth, in this lifetime. I also work with psychology in an embodied way with IFS therapy, because you can think things all day long, but if you don't feel them, you'll never get anywhere.

It all starts with a free 30 min phone call for your immediate support. From there, I help you gain clarity on your desires, and offer you a series of sessions that often make you feel resonance and harmony in your body-mind, and a deep remembrance of your innate love, power and intuition. 

Lola Toscano, Founder of Hedoné, a movement for pleasure

"Fabiola Einhorn is the best tantric teacher out there, hands down.
I trust her with her expertise and integrity, unlike many others."

What to expect

"I thought this was never possible" 
"Your energy is amazing and I feel so safe" 
"I was a spiritual skeptic, but now I understand what it's about and feel sovereign of my body and mind"

My truly
unique ApproaCh

Pleasurehacking is about harnessing your internal life-force and power instead of
the external that we often over-rely on. 

Expose your Truth Coaching Program


Exposing your deeper truth is key to thriving in intimacy, love and creativity. Together we gently integrate any outdated patterns or trauma.


My truly unique methods of blending ancient yogic embodiment practice with modern psychology like Internal Family Systems get you to thriving faster without needing to relive any trauma. 

Express your Soul Coaching Program


I help you understand and express your unique experience in intimacy, love and creativity.

How many times have you felt numb or locked up, instead of feeling liberated in your voice, a sexy flow in your movement, and a magnetizing presence?


Come into your full expression and live a life where curiosity is stronger than fear.

Expand your Pleasure Coaching Program


Finally we expand your unique life-force, love, pleasure and expression to touch every part of your life and reach your core desires.

Live from your embodied pleasure center, in every moment, liberated. Because empowerment and true sovereignty is confidence in knowing you can tackle whatever life throws at you with ease and grace.

What might a 1-1 session look like? 

I work with people 1-1, couples or groups, both online and in-person, always with a custom, holistic approach.
A session with me often starts with an embodiment exercise to come into your "body-mind" and open up somatically.

From there, we look at your psychological, behavioral, energetic and spiritual patterns to come up with a tangible and simple action plan to live in your desired reality more effortlessly than you can imagine.

I invite you to book a call with me to explore my gentle and proven trauma informed approach.

coaching packages

Let's make this work for you

  • Expose

    Shed layers to liberate your pleasure in 1 online session & get a taste of working with me.
    Valid for one week
    • 🤳 1x 15min 1-1 Discovery Call via Telegram Audio
    • 🤲 1x 90min 1-1 Custom Coaching Session via Telegram Video
    • 👯‍♀️ BONUS: The Pleasurehacker Initiate (worth €169)
  • expreSS

    3 sessions to find your true soul & creativity.
    Valid for one month
    • 🤲 3x 90min 1-1 Custom Online Coaching Sessions
    • 👯‍♀️ BONUS: The Pleasurehacker Initiate (worth €169)
  • expanD

    10 deep sessions for your guaranteed revolution to liberate pleasure in your daily life. (Save €50 per session compared to 1-off sessions)
    Valid for 3 months
    • 🤲 10x 90min 1-1 Custom Coaching Sessions (online/in-person)
    • 🧘‍♀️ BONUS: 1x 30 minute Personal Audio Meditation Practice
    • 👯‍♀️ BONUS: The Pleasurehacker Initiate (see below)

The Pleasurehacker initiate 

Self-paced online program

Imagine yourself … 

🥋 Re-patterning your relationship to sexual energy, and learning how to direct this powerful energy to live in your desired reality, instead of having it control, shame or drain you. 

🌹 Feeling beautiful, balanced and powerful confidence from the inside out in a way that allows you to show up in your centered, full expression.

Would you like to harness erotic power to access flow states & 
expand your pleasure?

If you're a yes, this course is for you! 

Walk away with: 

🍆 The foundational practices to experiencing non-ejaculatory orgasms, kundalini awakenings, and becoming a masterful lover. 

⚔️ The most powerful arsenal of somatic healing practices, from a tantric expert with a flawless track record in the tangible results clients get. 

⚗️ Transmutation practices that teach you how to turn anger, sadness, or any other suppressed emotion or negative self-talk into gold nuggets of wisdom to live your best sovereign life. 

💦 A toolkit to turn your masturbation practice into a meditation practice, that caters to your pain points and desires and allows you to start using pleasure as a healing tool. 

❤️‍🔥 Guided audio meditations to use in your daily practice for embodied liberation in your everyday life. 

With one tap, access the most powerful tools bridging biohacking, tantra, IFS and somatic trauma healing, all with pleasure, at your own pace, to honor your body from a holistic standpoint. Each practice is form 10-30 min long, broken into 4 modules. 

I've worked hard the past two years to make these profound wisdom teachings accessible and tangible to you. 

With love, grace & power, 
Fabiola Einhorn 🌺

not every coaCh …

🤓 Has a 650h sex, love and relationship certification, plus a masters degree in communication from Parsons

🤸‍♀️ Makes personal development fun and playful

🙈 Get’s the deep work done and watches out for spiritual bypassing

🧘‍♀️ Has practiced ancient yogic techniques and both neo and classical daily for almost a decade

🪄 Is initiated to teach sacred practices that are only passed down via oral tradition

📚 Gets you the research behind every tool we use, without free-floating signifiers (aka fluffy words)

🤔 Offers education that makes you ponder approaches to life, and form your own opinions around it

🤲 Has very high standards when it comes to professional coaching space

🌍 Has lived in many places in the world, and offers a unique perspective

🤕 Can relate to many hardships, and used these tools to survive a serious injury and near death experience

🪞 Attunes to you well, and is not afraid to tell you the truth

👘 Has enough experience to truly tailor offerings to your unique needs

Fabiola Einhorn Profile

I’ve always been one of those people rideshare drivers will tell their deepest secrets.

In my UX career, I was put on the largest projects where I would spend hours with strangers talking to them about their journey with cancer, huntington’s disease and other traumatic experiences. I not only got professionally trained in the many nuances of holding space, but this is when it became evident I have a natural ability to make people feel safe in opening up at deeper levels.


It is also my belief that intimacy, life force energy, self-love, and creativity go hand in hand. In our partnership, we tackle all of these from the angle that best suits you and your unique situation.

Isn’t life too short to waste moments
not investing in your full potential?

Still got questions? I gotchu. 

What's your story? I’ve had an almost daily meditation practice since I was 16, and experienced my first full spiritual awakenings around that age. However, it wasn’t until 8 years ago I got serious about ancient yogic practices and started working with a master. It was around this time that I got to learn how to control and induce these amazing altered states of consciousness that live within our bodies completely naturally. Refining the subtle body and top down mind control allowed me to experienced bliss by nature, have my soul astral project, and many other heart opening, wild sensations. I have always felt empowered and fully expressed, but being a child of an alcoholic mother I had issues with boundaries and self love. Ancient tantric philosophy showed me how to care for myself like I care for others, and fully love all parts of myself. Life was exquisite and blissful, and hosting heart expanding gatherings and showing women and men a way into safety and self love in relation to their power and intimacy became something I was more often celebrated for. But then … A high jump of joy at Burning Man turned into my dark night of the soul. On my way down, my ACL snapped, which would have been okay ... if I didn't get a bone infection during surgery that almost killed me. Three operations and a PICC line later my soul fell into this indescribable space of nothingness, and a vision of fully sharing my learnings as a coach and artist is what brought me back from this near death experience. Many dark months of severe pain, not being able to walk, lead to depression and a fear of being bedridden, just like my mother, who got meningitis 15 years ago. Today, I am grateful it helped me clearly see and break ancestral patterns and trauma I had grown up with. I'm not sure I would have been here today without these techniques, as it helped me restore nerve damage, find moments of pleasure and ease on my own terms, heal and persevere. I am deeply happy to be at a point in life where the fruits of my labor can be offered to you. Nothing lights me up more than being able to see the lasting impact and pure happiness in people when they share how our partnership has positively transformed their everyday life.

What about your certification & principles? I have a 650 hour coaching certification with Layla Martin. I have taken and taught in almost every single course of Ecstatic Hearts, and was invited to be a teacher there but chose my own path. I am deeply trauma informed and use the VITA method to coach, which believes that: 1. Love is THE superpower. 2. Unconditional self-love and creating the conditions to thrive are the two pillars of holistic coaching. 3. Everyone is perfect and whole at their core. 4. True transformation removes conditioning, wounding, and trauma, revealing the authentic core expression in anyone. 5. Presence heals. 6. Transmission is greater than tools. 7. Wholeness equals strength. 8. Returning to authentic sexuality is returning to truth. 9. Physical, emotional and mental freedom and ecstasy lead to health and wellness on all levels. 10. Lasting transformation involves body, mind, sensations, emotions, and spirit. 11. The best coaching eventually leads to a recognition of inner truth and wisdom. 12. Authentic desire is the path to freedom.

Why arts & creativity? The short story is, I’m an artist and I see it important for healthcare to be descriptive rather than prescriptive. I see creativity as a beautiful spiritual path in and of itself. I work with art in many different mediums, but the main piece that affects my coaching work is called the Yantra. The Yantra came about as a conglomeration of my experiences manifested in my minds eye in a single moment while practicing the Cobra Breath (see my offerings if you’re curious about this profound technique). It's an interactive cymatic project, that is hard to describe as there's nothing quite like it. What we found is that people experience a synesthetic and often altered states of consciousness effect as they hear, see, and feel their own voices and get to experience and calibrate their own frequency via their voice. As a dear friend described: "The yantra is a mirror for your mantra. By placing you at the center of a cymatic chamber, the power and beauty of the sacred geometry within your voice become apparent in a way never before possible." We saw people laugh, cry, play, and scream on it. Some people meditated. Vocal and musical artists brought their instruments and voices to use the Yantra. Some people shared they experienced a once in a lifetime transcendent healing experience. Most of all, we realized people were able to tap into their full and true voice, and feel empowered in their creative genius. I have never felt so alive as when I saw people use this machine to accelerate their healing. Tantric at it’s core, it became evident I could use this as an integrative tool with my practices. The Yantra will be available to you again in the late summer of 2024. If you’re interested in 1-1 sessions with it, please sign up by booking a resonance call with me.

What if I'm queer or curious about other relationship dynamics? I partner with people of all life paths and ages. I love working with both men and women, and different sexual orientations (queer, in particular). I’m also great at helping you navigate different relationship dynamics, such as polyamory and ethical non-monogamy (ENM).


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