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pleasurehacking: Meet the Woman behind the Movement

Meet Fabiola Einhorn, a certified somatic resonance and creativity coach with almost a decade of experience in neo- and classical tantra yoga, breathwork, biohacking, and toning. With an MFA from Parsons in design, many years of working with UX in the MedTech space, and organizing classical and neo-tantra events in Austin, Texas, she has now relocated to Berlin, where she will continue to expand the reach of her unique methodology. Pairing her corporate and research background with self-actualization, she helps people alter subconscious patterns to better their relationships — with themselves and others — and find more joy in life. It is cleverly titled pleasurehacking.

Through IRL and virtual 1-1 coaching sessions, workshops, and events, she specializes in spiritual dynamics that enrich everyday activities, especially the intimate, as pleasure is one of our most powerful yet suppressed feelings. “I’m here to guide singles and couples in kissing goodbye to trauma, liberate and embody their unique expression, and master emotional empowerment,” she says. Grit Daily asked Fabiola Einhorn a few questions about her journey. 

Q: First off, what is Pleasurehacking?

As opposed to biohacking, pleasurehacking is about harnessing your relationship with your internal, generative system instead of the external that we are often so addicted to. Biohacking is about diets, excessive supplements, and coffee, all of which drain your energy and disrupt your natural hormonal cycle. Pleasurehacking is about intentional pleasure practice, breathwork, yogic arts, and other somatic/neurological/life hacks to harness your power within. 

Q: What led you to develop this methodology?

My own journey recovering from a very serious injury that almost took my life forced me to stress test many of the existing methods for trauma recovery out there. I needed something that worked fast yet harnessed my natural power from within as I couldn’t drink coffee or take many supplements as my stomach got so sensitive.As I was lying in bed, completely abandoned in chronic pain and traumatized, I recognized the only way to heal was to reorient my nervous system to pleasure. And so, step by step, I learned how to find this pleasure that is truly always present among the pain and use it as a healing force. Because the body can take a lot more pain, stress, and anxiety if we pendulate it with pleasure. And hence, Pleasurehacking was born. 

“Most of us forget that pleasure is not a ‘nice to have,’ it’s a fundamental cornerstone of a thriving life, due to its power to affect our nervous system,” says Einhorn.

I’m grateful to one of my many teachers, in particular, Layla Martin, whose program inspired this. Today I use a blend of her proven techniques that use classical tantra within a modern framework of Internal Family Systems, informed by my background in biohacking, toning, somatic practices and classical yogic practice that has been passed down via oral tradition for hundreds of years. The result is what I call “somatic resonance,” or harmony with all parts of your body and mind, so you can take action and live your most empowered, pleasurable life. Most of us forget that pleasure is not just “nice to have,” it’s a fundamental cornerstone of a thriving life, due to its power to affect our nervous system. 

Q: We hear all kinds of things about tantra. How is what you do different? 

Yes, sadly, most people just think of sex or “tantric massage,” which I’m not doing. I’m using tantric philosophy as a backbone for my teachings. You see, they got something right 2000 years ago, namely that erotic power is one of the most powerful energies we have, and hence it shouldn’t be denied. After hundreds of years of hearing our parents “shhh” us, the church robbing us of our empowerment, and suppression of women and sexuality in general, I see many of us hungering for authenticity in our intimate expression and seeking to liberate creative and sexual expression for deeper intimate experiences.I get a lot of men wanting to become masterful lovers. You might have heard about non-ejaculatory orgasms and think they are not healthy or real, but there is a legitimate way to have your body experience orgasm if you broaden your definition of what an orgasm is. Because it’s not only about the climax but about how your entire body shifts energy, and hence you can experience these cathartic states in all parts of your body. Once men get this in working with me, they meet their women where they want to be and experience empowerment in both the bedroom and boardroom. 

I also love partnering with women who feel disconnected from their bodies to overcome trauma and reconnect with their intuition, voice, and, hence, pleasure.In all cases, I work with the subconscious patterns that are stored in your body and give you an effective, tailored plan to address any blocks to your deeper truth and expression. We know now that empowerment is unlocked when outdated cycles or patterns get to close their loop, and we can work through a lot of this, incorporating our mind’s intelligence as a tool with breath, movement, and sound. 

I also use an art piece called The Yantra that I created, a sculptural cymatic resonance tool. It’s an invention that came to me in a deep meditation, where I had a vision of myself hovering above the water, seeing my voice reflected in the water as the sound waves trickled through it while feeling my voice underneath me.

Q: Can you tell me about this novel art piece and how you’re using it in your coaching?

Yes, I use it for clients who want to go deeper in their healing practice very effectively. I’ve had some beautiful experiences with people from different walks of life. From top CEOs who want to achieve their goals in a more embodied way, to people diagnosed with a terminal illness wanting to integrate trauma, to couples wanting to expand their intimacy and improve their communication. What they all have in common is they want to experience more pleasure in their everyday life. And that only happens when we learn to feel embodied again, get out of our heads, and learn to be present with top-down control.

Q: What results do people most often report?

The most common thing people will say is, “I never thought this was possible.” I seem to have a knack for leaving people creatively inspired about what is possible in their lives to thrive in the areas of intimacy, creativity, and empowerment. They often feel empowered to make the right choice and align their desired reality with their actual reality. I’m especially happy to hear the pleasure hacks integrate so seamlessly into people’s lives for emotional empowerment and lasting change. I often get emails from past clients years down the line, thanking me in their way about how they never thought after years of trying different healing modalities that methods so simple would create the change they needed. That truly warms my heart and is what I want with this work.

Q: So, how can people work with you? 

Since I just moved to Berlin, I have just a few spots open for online or in-person 1-1 coaching at the moment, and I coach both couples, single men and women. It all starts with a free resonance call that you can schedule right here and now, to explore your unique desires. To learn more about these topics, support or partner with me in coaching my and my art, follow my instagram and send me a DM.

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