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In-person classes in berlin


Neo-tantric master Osho, adapted many ancient embodiment techniques to the 21st Century in a way that enabled thousands of people to live in their desired reality very effectively, with tangible results. 

This is a chance for you to experience one of his most powerful, effective and known practices. 

This practice includes a very specific sequence of breath, movement, and sound to liberate subconscious patterns. It is especially helpful if you think you hold suppressed anger, tension, sadness or frustration in your body. Maybe it bubbles up unexpectedly?

Energy needs to move – even Einstein knew this. As kids, we knew how to move energy through our bodies. But as we grow up, we are slowly taught to fit into certain social constructs for our survival and communication. Anger often doesn’t have a place to go, for example. This is where “dynamic meditation” becomes useful, as it somatically and often automatically traumatic or outdated patterns from the body, to invite a more liberated and sovereign expression of our souls. 

This class can get sweaty.Please come prepared with a not too full tummy and time for integration. 

From Thursday the 30th of May at 10 to 11:30 // 18€ to 40€.

For the updated program and more pop to IKSK's site.


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